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Varsity Baseball:
*Apr. 14 vs. Marlow 4:30/6:30
*Apr. 15 Home vs. Bridge Creek 4:30/6:30
Varsity Softball:
*Apr. 14 Home vs. Dale 5:00pm
*Apr. 15 vs. Southmoore 4:30pm
*Apr. 17 vs. Purcell 5:00pm
JH Baseball:
*Apr. 14 vs. Dibble 4:30/6:30
*Apr. 17 vs. Lindsay 4:30/6:30
JH Softball:
*Apr. 15 Home vs Southmoore 5:00pm
State testing continues next week
Fri., May 16th Kindergarten Graduation
Sun., May 18th Senior Graduation